Connecticut State Police Union

The Connecticut State Police Union's mission is to uphold the honor of the State Police profession and vigilantly protect, promote, advance and improve working conditions, legal rights, compensation and benefits of our Troopers. We also aim to generate public and political interest of vital importance to a Trooper’s duties in our State.

Thank you for supporting the Connecticut State Police Union. Now, more than ever, your Connecticut State Troopers need your help. Enforcing the law is more challenging now than it has ever been in recent history. Political differences have escalated into rage, and peace officers are often caught in the middle. Violence against law enforcement has significantly increased and become more tolerated and in some cases, encouraged.

The Connecticut State Police Union (CSPU) is the representative body of Connecticut State Troopers. In fact, we are your troopers, and we do everything we can to keep our fellow troopers safe, healthy, and most importantly, productive while protecting the public. But we cannot do it without you.

Your donation comes directly to our office in East Hartford and one hundred percent of the money (less the cost of mailing and postage) allows us to do the following:

- Pay for expenses related to Line of Duty Deaths

- Provide for the families of our fallen Troopers

- Provide financial assistance to Troopers with severe medical conditions

- Provide goodwill assistance for the communities we serve

We would like to give a special thanks to all who have and continue to graciously support us. We look forward to honoring your generosity with this year’s CSPU gifts along with our heartfelt thanks.

For our spring fundraising campaign, we have two of our 2022 CSPU window stickers available to anyone who contributes. Those who can donate $50 will four window stickers and our new 2022 logo magnet. One hundred dollar or more donors will receive four stickers, the logo magnet and our custom CSPU medallion. The medallion is cast metal, crafted specifically for us with a strong magnet that adheres to any metal surface. They are dated for each year and have become collector’s items among our supporters. Those who are able to contribute $100 or more will also be recognized online.

Our Distinguished Donors

We are proud to recognize those who can give $100 or more to the CSPU spring 2022 direct mail fundraising campaign as well as those donors who have consistently supported us throughout the year. Click here to view a listing of our fall 2021 Distinguished Donors. 


Connecticut State Police Union

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